These tips for salary negotiation will help you, you will get the desired hike

Switching jobs is not an easy task. The biggest issue while switching jobs is salary. When it comes to negotiating salary during an interview in another company, many times people have trouble talking openly to HR. In such a situation, many mistakes are made, which can create problems for you during negotiation. Regarding this, career advisor Tushar Rajdan says, ‘This is a time of a lot of tension. If you go for an interview after doing research beforehand, then there are not many problems in salary negotiation. During this time you have to present yourself in a better way.’ But some people are not able to do this and get influenced by what HR says. Career advisor Tushar Rajdan tells some tips for negotiating salary, by adopting which you can get the desired salary.

Expert tips for salary negotiation in new job

Do good research

Whenever you go for a job interview in any organization, first do a good research about that organization. Not only this, know in advance how much salary the company is offering for the position for which you are going to give the interview. Not only this, if you already know someone in that company, then you should also ask him about the salary structure there.

Know about salary trends

For the profile for which you are going to give a job interview, also find out what salary is being offered in other companies for that profile. This will let you know what other companies are paying their employees for this profile and whether the salary being offered to you in the company where you are going for an interview is equal to that of other companies or is it more or less.

Expert tips for salary negotiation in new job

What is the company offering

Before telling your expectations, know the company’s offer. This will give you a lot of advantage in negotiation. Because if you tell your expectations in advance, then obviously the company will offer you less than that and then not you but the HR of the company will ask you to negotiate about the salary.

Before asking for a salary hike

Usually when jobs are switched, the second job is joined at a hike of 20 to 30 percent. But if you expect a hike more than this from the company, then for this you should tell the company’s HR about your skills very well. Because if you want your salary as per your wish, then you will have to tell HR how useful you are for the company and deserve the desired salary.

Don’t say yes right away

After HR sends you the offer letter, you should not accept it immediately. You should first see how many parts the company’s HR has broken your CTC into. Actually, HR makes medical, PF, HR and other deductions from the salary itself. So, do not be happy just by looking at the CTC, but look at the gross income.

Finally, keep in mind that if you are desperate for that job and also want the salary to be as per your wish, then instead of reacting to everything HR says, type a humble mail to them and tell them about your desire. Keep in mind that you are very capable but do not demand an unreasonable salary from any company. Definitely follow the industry rules.

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