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I’m Manicka Thomas. I’m a Clinical Social Workers, mentor and content creator. This is the intersection of Social Work education and real life. Where I’ve created a community for Social Workers, Therapists and Helping Professionals, just like you! I want to be your resource in all things career planning. I believe you can truly have a fulfilling 360 degree life as a Social Worker, where YOU design the career you love and teach what you know!

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I created The Social Work Success Path blog and podcast, during the pandemic of 2021 to provide online education and mentorship for Social Workers. I felt very isolated and disconnected being only in the second year of running my private practice. I strongly considered going back to work when everything shut down. The resources and tools that I share helped me to maintain my practice through the pandemic and plan a successful transition as a Social Work content creator, doing work that I love and connecting with Social Workers all around the world. I did this in the span of 1 year, but using the resources, trainings and tools that I have pulled together, and all my all lessons learned, you can make your career transition much sooner than I did!

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Social Worker T Shirt Ideas

Social worker t shirt ideas, T-shirts are more than just pieces of clothing; they serve as canvases for self-expression, vehicles for advocacy, and symbols of solidarity. In the realm of social work, where professionals dedicate their lives to supporting individuals, families, and communities, t-shirt designs play a significant role in conveying messages, fostering unity, and raising awareness for important causes. This article explores the multifaceted role of t-shirts in the field of social work, from their ability to spark conversations…

School Social Work Job Description – A Thorough Guide

The school social worker’s role is essential to ensure the student’s well-being. Broadly speaking, this job entails helping students who face challenges that affect their emotional, mental, and social health. But to truly understand the job, we must discuss it thoroughly. Therefore, this article will explain the school social work job description. It will cover everything from the basic definition to the skills and qualifications needed for this role. Who is a School Social Worker? A school social worker is…

How to Become a Travel Social Worker?

How to become a travel social worker, travel social work is an exciting and fulfilling career path that combines the principles of social work with the adventure of travel. This unique profession involves providing critical social services and support to individuals, families, and communities in various locations, often on a short-term or contract basis. Travel social workers play a vital role in addressing the needs of underserved or crisis-affected populations, adapting quickly to new environments, and delivering high-quality care and…

To be successful in professional life, it is very important to work on these 5 skills

If you want a successful career, it is not only important to have knowledge but you also need to focus on many other skills. Communication, behavioural networking, time management and problem solving…all these skills not only improve your professional life but also your personal life. Know how. In order to move ahead in this ever-changing world, it is not enough for the youth of today to just study and write, but they also need to focus on many other skills.…