2 Reason Why People Aren’t Happy For You


Achieving success in various aspects of your life, be it wealth, health, or relationships, is something that, I’m sure you’re striving for. However, it’s not uncommon to find that some people in your circle may not wholeheartedly celebrate your victories. Earning that extra degree, passing your licensure exam, getting accepted into a competitive program are all reasons to take pride in your career achievements. But what happens when the people closest to you can’t seem to celebrate in your success?

First,  I want to share the psychology of why it is so hard for other people to share in your victories. We know, that when people aren’t happy for you, it can leave you feeling isolated, alone, defeated or like your successes may not actually be worth celebrating. Secondly, I want to further explore how my understanding of the Law of Attraction has evolved as a Clinician. Because learning how to bring supportive, encouraging and motivating energy into your life plays a crucial role in creating wealth, improving health and relationships, and allowing love into your life.

Happiness Starts from Within 

The Law of Attraction, a powerful universal principle, starts with the premise that “like attracts like.” Put simply, your thoughts and beliefs create the vibration at which you operate and that shapes the reality that you experience. When you harbor positive intentions and focus on your goals, the Law of Attraction says that the universe will conspire to bring those opportunities your way. This principle forms the foundation of your journey toward prosperity and fulfillment, both in life and in your careers.

We all know how much Social Workers love to talk about their desire to make “6 figures,” but if people around you aren’t happy with the career that you chose, you don’t need to prove to them that you made the right choice by striving to earn some arbitrary amount of income!  True happiness, extends beyond financial abundance; it encompasses a sense of purpose, contentment, and emotional security. Cultivating a true spirit of happiness means living beyond expectations, envisioning abundance, setting clear intentions for your life, and taking consistent, purposeful action toward your goals. As you begin to live in full alignment with your thoughts, feelings and actions, you begin to attract more of what brings you joy and repel the things and people that leave you drained and emotionally bankrupt.  

1. They Believe Your Success Is Tied To Their Failures

When my life started to look A LOT different from the people around me, I noticed that a lot of my relationships began to change. I was called “too good,” or told that I was “acting brand new.” It took a lot of mental work for me to understand that I didn’t have to downplay my successes in order to appease someone else’s inadequacies. In my professional growth, I came across the work of Dr. Joe Vitale, how helped me understand this. His work completely changed how I looked at my success in comparison to other people’s failures. One of the program’s that truly helps with changing your thinking is The Mental Time Travel System. It’s a newer version of a Hooponopono Certification Program that I took of his in 2019.

Maybe, you were like me…just born into a a situation where the main people who were “suppose” to be happy for you.. just weren’t. What I like about The Mental Time Travel System, is that it gives you insight on how to overcome those feelings and to learn how NOT to internalize other people’s perception of you. It helps you clearly distinguish between what’s real, and what’s perceived. 

Why Others Can’t Celebrate You

While you embark on this journey of self-improvement, it’s not uncommon to encounter lukewarm or even negative reactions.  Achieving personal milestones and successes should ideally be met with joy and celebration from those around you. However, don’t be shocked if you experience a surprising lack of enthusiasm or even outright indifference from others when you shared your growth and personal achievements. This phenomenon can be puzzling and disheartening, but it’s essential to understand that it often stems from deep-seated psychological factors.

2. You Are The Mirror 

One prominent reason for this lack of support stems from envy, jealousy,  and fear. When you start to manifest positive change in your life, it can stir up discomfort in those who haven’t yet tapped into their own potential. Human nature tends to compare, and when you accomplish something noteworthy, it can inadvertently trigger feelings of inadequacy or competition in others. This can result in a reluctance to genuinely celebrate your success.

Not only that, but some people around you might be struggling with their own failures, making it difficult for them to wholeheartedly cheer you on. Seeing you, might cause them to subconsciously reflect on their own journey, which may have involved setbacks or uncertainties, mistakes and circumstances beyond their control. All of  these factors can make it very difficult for them to fully share in your joy. 

Empathy and Understanding: Keys to Navigate Unsupportive Reactions

Before I learned about The Mental Time Travel System – I hadn’t thought this deeply into why I was being triggered by the response of those around me. It really is designed to help you navigate these complex emotions and empowers you to stand in the now…with empathy and not judgement. This not only keeps you from overthinking and overanalyzing, it let’s you see the choice you have in creating boundaries for these relationships.  

In a world where empathy and understanding are often in short supply, it’s important to have access to programs and tools that broaden your perspective and help you see beyond the limits of your own blind spots.  That way, whether your achievements are met with genuine happiness or not, you will have developed a level of self-awareness to know that their reactions are a reflection of their own experiences and insecurities, rather than a true measure of your accomplishment.

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