Career Tips: If you want to do good for people, then study ‘Social Work’, your career will be great

Career in Social Work: If you like helping people, then you can also make it your profession. For this, you will have to study a course related to social work. Let’s know more about this course.

Career Tips: If you want to do good for people, then study 'Social Work', your career will be great

Social Work Courses: You get peace by helping others. You sleep well. You do not feel tired while helping others. You are ready to help with full enthusiasm day and night. This means that you are more inclined towards society. But if you are only engaged in helping the society and are not able to take care of the family members, then all your hard work may go in vain. Such youth should turn social work into a career. Doing this will seem like the saying ‘Aam ke aam, guthliyon ke daam’ (getting mangoes for a lot of money) coming true.

Keeping this spirit of helping, you can do UG and PG in social work. The advantage of doing this course will be that you will be able to easily either set up your own structure for social service or join a big social service organization and help people on a large scale. The corporate houses of the country are compulsorily required to spend their CSR budget for the welfare of the society. But they do not give money to any individual. An organization is necessary for this.

What will be taught?

During the studies, the tricks of forming an association, taking CSR money from corporates etc. are taught. You can get funds from many domestic and foreign organizations. Because the course of this study is designed in such a way that while studying, the youth develop an understanding of the rules and regulations related to social work, methods of making projects, drafting skills etc.

National and international organizations also give priority to the youth who have studied social work. To enter this field, students are advised to take admission in UG after completing intermediate. You can get a job after completing this three-year course. If you complete your masters, then working or getting a job, both become easy.

What qualities are necessary?

Since the government has made it mandatory for all government and non-government companies to give a fixed share of their profit under CSR, this is now becoming a secure career field. Both boys and girls are coming forward in large numbers to make a career in this field. Along with the passion for social service, you should have good communication skills and drafting. Writing, reading and speaking English should also be mandatory in social work.

How to do a course from college?

As a social worker, it is not necessary that you get a job sitting in an office immediately. Most of the youth are employed in the field. Although Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work courses are available in most universities, it may be beneficial to do it from a reputed institute. If you do this course from a small institute, it is possible that you get less practical exposure. But if you do this course from an established university, then there will be no problem in starting your career.

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