My 20 Social Work Careers and How I Got Fired!

I’m not sure how or why being fired is such a taboo topic that we don’t like to discuss in professional spaces. It comes with a lot of self doubt, embarrassment, and second guessing ourselves. Although I experienced each of these feelings, especially early on in my Social Work Career, I never let that stop me or define my skills as a professional Social Worker. The reality is…being fired… it happens, it’s not the end of the world and you can bounce back! Not only that, but you learn so many valuable lessons about yourself, leadership and points for personal and professional growth.

I’m glad to share my journey with fellow social workers, on how I was able to leveraging my skill sets, and relationships to ultimately transition into entrepreneurship! 

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112 Careers in Social Work


Meet Manicka

I created The Social Work Success Path blog and podcast, during the pandemic of 2021 to provide online education and mentorship for Social Workers. I felt very isolated and disconnected being only in the second year of running my private practice. I strongly considered going back to work when everything shut down. The resources and tools that I share helped me to maintain my practice through the pandemic and plan a successful transition as a Social Work content creator, doing work that I love and connecting with Social Workers all around the world. I did this in the span of 1 year, but using the resources, trainings and tools that I have pulled together, and all my all lessons learned, you can make your career transition much sooner than I did!

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