11 Tips and Ideas for a Perfect Friendsgiving



This post is about 11 Tips and Ideas for a Perfect Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is an intentional time and fun time to remove yourself from the hustle of everyday life and to spend time connecting and engaging with close friends. This can be a Perfect Friendsgiving way to celebrate the holiday with those who are supportive of you especially if you have a strained relationship with your family or are away from your family for the holidays. Friendsgiving is an opportunity to create lasting memories with your closest friends, to share laughter and good food, while expressing gratitude for the timeless bond that have held your friendships together over the years. Initially, being a host seems overwhelming , but it isn’t as they say. Nevertheless, you need a good plan alongside being cool to make Friendsgiving successful.[ In this instance, this document presents twelve suggestions for your consideration to help hosts give their friends an awesome Friendsgiving.

  1. Schedule Wisely

Friendsgiving is simply a Thanksgiving party among your friends. Set up your Friendsgiving at least one week before or after the real friends-giving Day to ensure all guests have time and can come. In this case, there will be a higher chance that your whole team will be available for work and reduce the chances of conflicting with friends-giving family plans.

  1. Enlist Help

It is never easy preparing for a friends-giving feast, and this is something that you should try doing with others. Putting all together to create an intricate multi-course dinner that involves such a large turkey has to be a feat of Hercules, even for an experienced chef or a novice cook who wants to learn how things are done in the professional catering industry. For the Friendsgiving, if you are offering the site, then you have a few food roles to play. Persuade a mate, especially one who is food smart, to make for an additional colleague and assist you. You can leave them with the cooking so that you focus on other things about the event.

  1. Make It a Potluck

Friendsgiving potluck saves you time and energy while everybody gets something tasty to their liking. Here’s how to set up a potluck:

  • You and your friends get the main course (e.g., turkey, chicken, or tofurkey).
  • Specify different sections for your guests, such as appetizers, salads, side dishes, and desserts, among others.
  • Organize the people into teams through a Facebook message, group chat, or an Excel spreadsheet where people can register themselves and select something to do together.
  • Make sure that your guests will note their dishes require refrigerators/ovens in case these facilities become limited in space.
  1. Keep Appetizers Simple

One does not have to slave for days to prepare complex snacks to maintain a stress-free Friendsgiving. Quick and easy options can be just as enjoyable:

  • Chips with guacamole in a bowl.
  • Meat and cheese tray
  • Bowl of olive tapenade
  • The plated box of crackers.
  • A pretty bowl of Greek yogurt with honey and fresh berry around it.
  1. Do Not Forget Turkey

Although turkey is associated with friends-giving, it does not necessarily have to be part of Friendsgiving. Keep in mind what would suit your guests and your pocket. Buying turkey is very expensive in November, whereas roasting it takes time. Instead, you can choose an alternative main dish like roast chicken, winged chicken, Hen in a basket, stuffed squashes, Sheppard’s pie ham, or mushroom pie. To avoid this, consider using a more appropriate centerpiece.

  1. Respect Food Choices

You must also consider that your guests may have dietary restrictions or preferences. Make sure also to give plant-based choices for a vegan or vegetarian friend. Give options for people who have celiac disease or other food allergies, and make sure that there is no contamination of foods with gluten while preparing them in the kitchen. Even though most of the guests with specialized diets will inform you beforehand, it is always polite to inquire about what exactly they need regarding your Friendsgiving menu. Always remember that not everyone will like anything on the menu; therefore, some adjustments made for selected guests’ requests may raise the overall level of enjoyment. Moreover, if someone is Muslim, then you should tell them what Halal is and what is not and take similar steps for Hindus, Jews, and practicing Christians. 

  1. Get Creative with Seating

Let space restriction not hinder you from holding a great Friendsgiving party. If your living room or apartment is on the smaller side, consider these creative seating ideas:

  • Create an open space by spreading your blanket and pillows for a Friendsgiving picnic.
  • Instead, make it into an evening cocktail party rather than a sit-down dinner affair.
  • Give guests lap desks and large books as temporary tables when seated on the couch or folding seats.

However, by getting creative about seating arrangements, it is possible to optimize available space, and everyone receives ample sitting space.

  1. Plan Your Playlist

During your Friendsgiving celebration, music can change the room’s ambiance and eliminate awkward pauses. Here are some ideas for creating the Perfect Friendsgiving playlist:

  • Have them tell you their preferred music beforehand and then allow it to be played as soon as your guests come.
  • Go for festive songs.
  • Do not shy away from trying various musical genres to suit differing preferences.
  • The playlist can be carefully selected to enhance the atmosphere while keeping the party alive.
  1. Stock Up on Ice

Although this may appear petty, having enough ice plays a significant part in holding a great Friendsgiving. Some of your guests will also like cold drinks, and you are happy with room-temperature ones. Buy at least two large bags of ice from a store near you so that everything is satisfied regarding everyone’s wishes. Cut a large portion and store most of it in the freezer, and place the remainder in coolers or bowls in the kitchen for ease of access.

  1. Go Green

Use real plates and cutlery instead of disposable plastics and paper. This method also benefits the environment and upgrades the look of your Friendsgiving party. If you have fewer dishes at home, visit thrift stores and Goodwill for uniquely priced combinations. It is an ideal investment in real dishes that might help you in upcoming get-togethers and enhance elegance in your ceremony.

  1. Choose a Cleanup Crew

Cleaning up after a party can be overwhelming stuff, and in no way should one leave behind bad taste or feelings for someone thinking they had missed out on something. Why not take this approach also for post-party tasks like clearing, washing the dishes, etc? Get three or four people, considered your best buddies, to participate in the cleanup. To make it enjoyable, offer a gift such as a bottle of champagne or a midnight snack. Have napkins ready, put on lively music, and clean together to finish your Friendsgiving on a good note.


The day is meant for celebrating the relationship that we have with a group of friends, and we may refer to them as our family. Henceforth, when you follow these eleven tips and ideas, your friend’s Friends Perfect Friendsgiving will be enjoyable and memorable. You may schedule carefully, make potluck-style dinners, or arrange interesting seatings and curate a playlist that celebrates this festive mood. This event can be used to bond with friends, which should be memorable. Therefore, design a flawless Friendsgiving soiree that will be remembered in the years to come by your friends.

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