World Mental Health Day 2020: Know how social media harms the mental health of youth

If you are also busy on social media all day, then know how it affects your mental health and what is the way to avoid it.

Social media has become such a platform in today’s time where everyone stays connected with the society along with getting information easily. Not only adults but children also develop themselves on this platform. But it has a negative impact on your mental health in many ways. Social media also has a bad effect on the mental health of many people, in which today’s youth are becoming more victims. Therefore, on this World Mental Health Day (World Mental Health Day 2020), we will tell you how social media harms the mental health of youth. 

What is the impact of social media? The use of social media can have a good or bad effect on people’s emotional and mental health. Generally, due to social media, the youth is increasingly feeling their mental health to be dull and is facing many kinds of losses. In such a situation, it is important that the parents and family members of the youth should try to take care of them, explain and understand them. But before that it is very important for us to know how social media can harm your mental health.

What is the connection between mental health and social media?

A study by Primak et al in 2017 found a link between the use of multiple social media platforms and an increase in symptoms of depression and anxiety among young people aged 19 to 32. Although this is not the only reason that shows the relationship between these two. But many studies have revealed that the youth is increasingly making their mental health ill due to social media, which is harmful.

How social media harms youth

Effect on sleep

Excessive use of social media not only has a negative impact on physical health but it also harms your mental health.Bad effect on sleepAfter this, you are unable to relax and are not mentally prepared for the next day. Many studies have linked sleep problems to screen time.

Facing negative feedback

People use social media to post things they love, but they also use it to share experiences they don’t like. If someone had a bad experience with your business, it becomes a way for them to share their bad experience with others. Due to which you have to face many negative reactions. This situation can cause serious damage to your business.victim of stressMay be. 

Negative Posts

It’s easy for posts to go viral on social media. People keep a close eye on the good and the bad on social media. If you’re not careful about what you post, you could embarrass yourself and get caught in an awkward situation.

The problem of privacy

Privacy issues are more common among young people, so sharing your online platform or tweeting something inappropriate or sharing too much with the public can cause you trouble. Some people misuse the things you share. Due to which you start getting trapped and you can remain stressed for many days due to this. 

Losing emotional connection

One thing that can be bad about using social media is that you cannot understand the emotion or interest of the other person. This makes you wonder if they mean what they say. This leads you to live with this notion, which gets embedded in your mind. Young people are quick to adopt this notion as a part of their own habits.


  • Avoid keeping your notifications on all the time.
  • Don’t allow yourself to go online too often.
  • Don’t spend too much time on social media, rather include new things in your habits.
  • Spend as much time as possible with family and friends.
  • Don’t think too much about anyone’s negative comments.
  • Keep yourself away from strangers on social media.

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